P E R S O N A L   P R O J E C T
I’ve always loved sport, when I was a kid I woke up every sunday morning to watch ski with my dad and I still do it. I’m a football supporter since I have memories, after I started to follow MotoGP and Tennis too. As you can see, follow sports game is always been an habit for me. “Coach Carter”, “The Miracle” and “A League of Their Own” are some of my favourite movies, I really believe that sport philosophy has a lot to teach us in the real life.

So I decided to dedicate a project to all those people I found inspiring (not just sportsman).
From this idea born a collaboration with Rucker Park Basketball Store, who asked me to design some limited tees for kids linked to basket idols.

These are the players of the HE IS MY IDOL collection made for Rucker Park.
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