A collection of free illustrations to download and print at home and color together with your children or even on your own

My first words
An original gift or simply a way to remember everything about your baby's first years.
How does it work:
- Choose up to a maximum of 5 subjects
- Choose the color you want
- Choose between 3 different character styles.
- Once the draft is approved, you can decide whether you want the poster or prefer to print it on other supports such as t-shirts, stickers and mugs.

Pimp my draw
Transform your kid's draw on paper to digital. Save it as wallpaper or print it everywhere you want

Paper craft Christmas decorations


An illustration of your idol with the style of "legends"

Monster Lab
28 October - h. 15.30 - "Citofonare Lo Spazio" Via dei Giustiniani, 33 - Genova

It will be a Halloween-themed workshop for children aged 5 to 10.
After a short story on the evolution of animation techniques from analogue to digital, armed with paper, markers, scissors and patafix, everyone will create their own monster to take home based on the four drawn by me and will then be able to have fun telling many stories starring his monster.
I'm always ready for new challenges...
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