How everything started...
Recently i went with my friends Alkanoids to the OFFF where i discover so many talents and cool project that inspired me.
One of the many talents that impressed me, has been Jon Burgerman 
and his particular way of storytelling through his doodle characters....So i got the idea! 
I created my own doodle character named Mr.Milk and decided to tell my life using my own creativity, because this is what I am: a creative and my job is my life, because I love my job and I'm a lucky person for this reason!
So hope you like my idea and will follow my adventures on instagram and facebook through the hashtag #mrmilkadventures.
The first trip is going to be in Portugal!!!
:::..Stay tuned and enjoy...:::
The birth of Mr.Milk
Step 1. I tried to picture all the expressions I could ever need to tell my stories...
Step 2: I drew my character with all the expressions...
Step 3: I drew also the arms of my little milk (probably inspired by the music I was listening to: YMCA)
then I printed my characters and cut it off from the paper
Step 4: thanks to patafix and iphone he's finally born! I'm glad to introduce you.... (drum roll) Mr.Milk
First Trip: The Portugal Diary Poster
To be continued...
Thank you for your time!
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