Indivisual is not a simple Creative Agency; in our DNA flows the energy fed by curiosity, passion and the desire for adventure. For this reason we often decide to take part to crazy stuff. Last year we race in the first Deus Swank Rally Champ. We created our own team called Hi-Gear (as our experience and storytelling project) choosing 3 different vehicles (all of them to race in the inadequate category), 3 international riders and partners such as Bell, VolksWagen, Rocket Garage Magazine and Gimoto to be as stylish as possible. 

What we did:
- Motorbike Graphic
- Racing Apparel
- Social media storytelling
- Social media graphic
- Shooting during the events for our Sponsor and Partners to use on their own social media

What is "The Deus Swank Rally"?
It’s swank, but it’s a rally: the beauty of old motorcycles and a muddy track, the refinement of the knobbed specials, and the ignorance of the inappropriate.
A friendly challenge in four stops, the central two managed by Deus Ex Machina inside the motorcycle season best events, the opening and the gran finale managed as proper Deus events in line races, road book navigation, special enduro, though but suitable for all riders (almost).

Selected machines and closed number for every stop. The spirit is that one Deus is famous for, have fun with style. It’s a championship, the first ten riders of every event get points. Prizegiving for every race, and an overall champion.nThe DSR is restricted to framers/vintage enduro. Knobbed tyres Specials and inappropriate only (No DTX/modern MX/modern enduro, no non-knobbed tyres).
All bikes must have regular registration plate and valid insurance. Boots, gloves, helmet, chest, back and knees protections are mandatory. Vintage gear is admitted, and a vintage dress code is welcome.
The Riders
Riders: Luca Scassa, former WSBK and MotoGP pilot, ran with a Buell XB1200 dumped.
Henry Favre, "Malossi adventurer", ran with a hectic Ciao Piaggio
Chris Cotton Russel, Canadian driver running in Spain with Suzuki, closed the championship on a Verve Moto 125.
Race 1
One milion four hundred thousand square meters of industrial archeology on the outskirts of Milan, the area of the former Lombardy “Falck” steel and iron works, founded in 1906 and among the oldest in the world; buildings that are so extraordinary that they are on the shortlist to become UNESCO World Heritage Site. This epitome of 20th-century Italian industrial history, crowned by the A4 motorway and the Lambro River, was the outstanding and post-atomic location for the first leg of the Deus Swank Rally.

The special trials were designed by Sandro Tramelli’s exceptionally experienced Jolly Racing Team, a true institution in the enduro world, which since 1984 has won 20 world titles and over 100 individual Italian and team awards, counting Muraglia, Grasso, Rossi , Merriman, Ahola and Salvini among their most titled riders. We had hard ground with rock and stones on one side and endless mud on the other, just to keep everyone happy!
The weather did not cooperate the days before the event making logistics and organization difficult. On the morning of the Milan Rumble we were lucky for a few hours, but then rain showers soaked all of the swankers, none of whom were discouraged and all of whom carried on giving the gas! Indeed there were some exceptionally beautiful, funny and interesting bikes to be seen. As well as the bikes and their stylish riders there were several other vehicles with four, six and eight wheels such as the vintage Land Rover, the wonderful school bus belonging to Officine Vivaldi or our friend Riccardo Tosi’s (MilanoGarage) amazing “Leopard 8”.

The formula chosen for the friendly championship was not only fun but its spirit was fully respected by all competitors. It meant that everyone timed themselves, starting the stopwatch at the beginning and stopping it at the end of the special trial. With such varying types of bikes which in some cases were not even suitable to the terrain, it was all down to human elegance: everybody timed their own lap and put their time on a magnetic board in the Parc Fermé.

And between a ham sandwich and a Deus Cafe beer, set up as always ad hoc by 100 Fa friends, there was a very relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, a different “flavor” from normal motorsports and the controversies that every now and then inevitably arise. Everyone gave gas to their maximum ability. It may only have been a friendly championship, but there were some of the most impressive performances ever seen!
Race 2
“The speed ring of the Monza National Autodrome, also known as “the Monza Bowl” for its shape with the outer edges higher than the inner ones, it’s an oval speedway with two semicircular curves with a 320 meters radius and two 857 meters long parallel straight. In this part of the circuit  the “Gran Premio di Italia”  took place from 1922 to 1955; It’s  worldwide known because it has been one of the first high speed ring specially built for car races”.

It’s a world famous speed temple, where it’s hard if not impossible to access … but, the Deus Swank Rally has managed to let  60 wild racers put their knobbed rubber on its sacred asphalt. They were the riders of the second epic stop of our “friendly championship” held during “the Reunion” event. “Mamma mia ! ” has been the most common comment at the end of each lap – self timed lap , as usual.
Those two days will be hard to forget, with saturday dedicated to free practice, and the most part of the sunday for the race, speeding in the mud next to the “Serraglio”, the “Roggia”  variant and under and on the “sopraelevata”, the infamous parabolic curve.

The track was kind of idyllic, nearly 5 km long, funny and  challenging at the same time both for proven pilots of the kind of Alesandro Botturi ( Paris-Dakar Yamaha Official Team) and other relatively unknown folks that have joined the race.
Race 3
After the incredible industrial area of ​​the Falck, the mythical parabolic curve at Monza  to The Reunion and the first edition of Wildays amongst the beautiful hills of the Varano area, the Swank Rally awaits you for the “Gran Finale” on Sunday September 17th. It is taking place at the legendary Fast Cross at Arsago Seprio (Va), the motorcycling temple that hosted the last unforgettable motocross show, considered the most prestigious in the world, long ago on September 17th 2000, the cut-off year for motorcycles that can take part in Swank this year and, please note, it is even taking place on the same day … what a “coincidence”!?.

The track will be a fantastic taped route on dirt inside the original circuit, catering for everyone’s ability and will be ridden individually.

… I nearly forgot, you will start at the original starting gate!
Organizer - Deus ex machina italy

Fratelli Giacomel
Bergamaschi - Bell Helmet
Rocket Garage Magazine
Vismoto Milano

Our riders:
Luca Scassa
Henry Favre
Chris Cotton Russell

Buell XB1200
Ciao Piaggio
Thanks for your attention! 

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