I'm a freelance Designer based in Milan. 
I work and collaborate with direct clients, brand, agencies and designer. I believe in the power of ideas. Helping to grow and develop through clear and effective communication is my goal.

"Computers are to design as microwaves are to cooking."  Milton Glaser

Curiosity and passion for my work have always pushed me to learn new things and improve my skills. Staying up to date with current trends is a necessary condition to offer my customers the most suitable solutions.

Let's Talk!
With the aim to build long term relationships, I start all my projects with a conversation. Understanding the brand and requirements with the goal to move forward together and at the same time making the process of creation fun and rewarding.
I'm a Critical Thinker
I never stop to my first idea but I always look for the best ones. I like to follow the creative process in every step, from the brainstorming to the delivery.
Let's play in the same Team
The most important thing is to understand the client need and find the best solutions. The best way to do it is to play in the same team, sharing thoughts and ideas.  Team work is stronger than an individual one, if you feel part of the team and appreciated your performance is higher.
I'm always ready for new challenges... drop a line!
info@freshmilk.it  / Instagram Direct
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